11 thoughts on “Author interview with romance novelist Lynette Willows

  1. patgarcia

    Reading your interview this morning gave me encouragement to keep seeking an agent/publisher for my work. I like the fact that you are traditionally published. I also appreciate your view on a publisher offering your book digitally before he or she does a print version of it.
    You have enlightened me on a couple of other questions that I had, so thank you.

    Hi Morgen,
    Great interview. I enjoyed this one tremendously because of her revealing answers to your questions.


  2. ccrawley210

    A delightfully candid interview. Morgen, you asked questions that brought out the best in Lynette Willows. I would add, she is far too modest regarding her marketing skills. She surprised me by taking to marketing like a fish to water.
    I would add, when I suggested our series take place during the American Revolution, she never hesitated. She dove into research, and put her all into this series.
    Again, a wonderful interview!

    Carley Bauer

  3. Lynette Willows

    Pat, I really encourage you to try out the traditional eBook publishing route. I have no regrets at all. I’m glad I was able to help. I have to say Morgen made me very comfortable with this process, considering I’m new to the whole interview thing. I had tons of fun, and I’ll be back to indulge again. Thanks Morgen for hosting me, I really appreciate it.

  4. Annette Drake

    Great interview! I queried Tirgearr Publishing because of “No Gentleman Is He.” I saw a blurb about the book on SheWrites. It’s a pleasure to meet Lynette and learn about her creative process. Incidentally, my book, “Celebration House” will be published by Tirgearr this summer. I feel I should pay Lynette and Carley a finder’s fee…

    1. Lynette Willows

      Annette, sorry about the late reply to your message. My sincerest apologies. For some reason it wouldn’t let me reply until now (probably my horrible computer skills). I was so glad to see you accepted at Tirgearr! I’m glad our book was your inspiration to submit…I feel honoured by that. I love the site, “She Writes” and visit frequently.


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